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Stress Analyses

FEM model of plastic part (FEMAP&MSC/NASTRAN)

Rigidity analysis of parts - MSC/NASTRAN

Static Stress Analyses

Strength analyses using methods of classical elasticity and strength

Analyses of bar structures and mechanisms

Creation of models of parts and assemblies for analyses by method of finite elements (preprocessing in systems ANSA, FEMAP, PATRAN, ANSYS, HyperWorks/HyperMesh)

Linear and non-linear analyses by method of finite elements using systems MSC/NASTRAN, ANSYS, MARC

Solution of optimalization tasks in HyperWorks/Optistruct system

Assessment of fatigue strength and service life

Weight analysis and optimization

Dynamic analyses

Modal analyses of structures including their optimization

Sensitivity analyses for elimination of noise and vibration causes

Nonlinear dynamic simulations of real structures (geometric and material non linearity, contact tasks, combination with thermal tasks) - MARC

Simulation of multi-body systems and their kinematics and dynamic dependencies - ADAMS

Modeling dynamic and mechatronic systems and special dynamic problems in system MATLAB, linear simulation of dynamic processes for excitation in time and spectral area

Analyses of structure vibration propagations