EV-55 Outback

Jigs and Tools

Stamping tool

Detail of the stamping tool - CATIA

Measuring jig

Jig for part measuring

The group of stamping tool design develops and designs tools for stamping sheet metal of the car body, not only surface ones (e.g. mud-guard, roof, side plate) but also for other shaped parts (e.g. columns, stiffeners).

For development of tools and jigs we use rich experience of our employees and 3D system CATIA V4. Development and design of tools are performed according to regulations, standards and customer's requirements.

We cooperate with leading European car manufacturers and tool shops while a significant position have brands of Volkswagen group.

The tolls designed by our company are used for transfer press machines and stamping lines. These tools have an optimized trajectory of the tool and that of the pressed part, too.

The substantial part of our offer is development of CNC machining both of finished products and e.g. tools for drawing and bending.

Design of series tools for:

Automated transfer press machines

Stamping lines

Design of prototype tools

Creation of methodological plans

Simulation of drawing

Kinematics simulation (tool, line ...)

Examples of our work

Stamping tool

Shearing and punching tools (bottom part and extender)

Stamping tool

Tool for stamping the side panel of the car body

Stamping tool

Base plate with lower parts of the stamping tool