EV-55 Outback

Stress Analyses

Fuselage rear part

Model of the tail part of Ae270 airplane - systems FEMAP&MSC/NASTRAN

Fuselage front part

Stress and deformation analysis of the front part of airplane fuselage - ANSYS system


Stress and deformation analysis of VUT100 airplane - systems FEMAP&MSC/NASTRAN

Wing profile

Distribution of pressure on the wing profile with the icing imitator

Our highly qualified specialists come mostly from aerospace industry and have a lot of experience which they gained through the work on aircraft projects L410, L420, L610 and ZLIN.

Static Stress Analyses

Stress analyses by methods of standard strength and elasticity theory

Analyses of bar structures and mechanisms

Creation of models of parts and assemblies for analyses by method of finite elements (preprocessing in systems ANSA, FEMAP, PATRAN, ANSYS, HyperWorks/HyperMesh)

Linear and non-linear analyses by method of finite elements using systems MSC/NASTRAN, ANSYS, MARC

Solution of optimalization tasks in HyperWorks/Optistruct system

Evaluation of fatigue strength and service life

Mass analyses and optimization

Dynamic Analyses

Modal analyses of design including their optimization

Sensitivity analyses for elimination of noise and vibration

Non-linear dynamic simulations of real structures (geometrical and material non-linearity, contact tasks,combination with thermal tasks) - MARC

Simulations of systems of many bodies with their kinematics and dynamic dependence - ADAMS

Modeling dynamic and mechatronic system and special dynamic problems in the system MATLAB, linear simulation of dynamic actions for excitation in time and spectral area

Analysis of structural vibrations spreading

Simulations of crash tests


Aerodynamic analyses (geometry and systems of the airplane from the viewpoint of performances, stability and controllability, creation of groundwork documents for stress analyses)

Setting the flight development and certification tests, methodology and evaluation

Certification analyses (flight characteristics, performances, consequences of failures for reliability analyses)

Preparation of data and procedures for the flight manual

Route and economic analyses

Support for customers at solving nonstandard operation conditions