EV-55 Outback


Logo Aero

Aero Vodochody a.s.

Cooperation in development of Ae270 IBIS aircraft
Cooperation in development of L159 Alca aircraft

Logo Myasishchev


Participation in several design projects

Logo Walter

Walter a.s.

Technological support at manufacturing bent parts

Logo Marshall

Marshall Aerospace, UK

Complete development of assembly line for additional fuel tanks of Boeing 747

Logo Vulcanair

Vulcanair, Italy

Development of tail units of VF-600W Mission aircraft

Logo E.I.S.

E.I.S. Aircraft, Germany

Cooperation in development of interior for Airbus aircraft

Logo Socata

Socata, France

Cooperation in aircraft development

Logo Myasishchev

Myasishchev Design Bureau, Russia

Design of M-101 interior