EV-55 Outback

Design and Development

Wing model

Wing of the Ae270 aircraft

Power unit

Power unit installation


Door of the Ae270 aircraft

Fuselage front part

Nose part of the Ae270 aircraft

One of the main fields of activity of our company is a design of aircraft parts and assemblies.

Evektor company acts in the region with long-year tradition in development and production of aircraft technology. In our company we focused on the most experienced people in the region for whom we provided space and possibility of working in their specialization. In addition we cooperate very intensively with Brno Technical University (BTU), especially with Aircraft Institute of BTU.

Thanks to these factors we can offer our customers a guarantee of development and design of high quality.

We perform especially the following activities:

Design and development of airframe and systems

Complete design of airframe and its optimization

Design processing of individual groups - e.g. fuselage, wing, tail units

Power unit and fuel system installation

Design of aircraft electric system - more information

Project and installation of avionics and communication equipment including wiring diagrams - more information

Certification plan and gaining approval of avionic installations or modifications - more information

Aircraft Interior

Interior design according to customer requirements - more information

Complete interior design of the airplane including 3D model processing and visualization

Certification plan and gaining approval of modification - more information