EV-55 Outback

Interior Design

Aircraft interior

Study of aircraft interior

Aircraft interior

Study of the EV-55's cabin

Aircraft interior

Study of the Cobra's cabin

Steering wheel

Study of control wheels

Ever stronger influence at designing aircraft is presented by operators´ requirement for the highest possible comfort for crew and passengers. Evektor company is aware of this situation and therefore our aircraft development team includes not only groups of designers and stress analysis specialists but also design studio which is run by MgA Zdeněk Španihel.

We are able to provide our customers with a complete interior design of aircraft and its optimization from the viewpoint of ergonomy and reaching the highest possible comfort for passengers with regard to construction and operation regulations.

We perform especially:

Complete interior design of the airplane including 3D model processing and visualization

Optimization of instrument panel including visualization in cooperation with the group of avionics and electrical systems

Design and ergonomy of seats

Optimization of interior from ergonomy and used materials point of view

Choice of materials and interior equipment