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Airworthiness Department

Approval certificate

Approval certificate as a Design Organization according to EASA Part 21, Section A, Subpart J

Approval certificate

Czech national approval for aircraft testing (category Normal, Utility, Commuter and their systems)

Evektor ensures a complete development of aircraft. Arrangements related to gaining the certificate or the approval of modification with an appropriate airworthiness authority are part of this activity.

Airworthiness department ensures communication with main airworthiness authorities such as: CAA of the Czech Republic, FAA for the USA or EASA for European Union.

We ensure the following services:

Obtaining certificate in category of small aircraft (up to aircraft weight of 5700 kg)

Complete ensurance of installation and modification approval

Processing certification programs for new or modified aircraft

Consultancy activity at gaining certificate for projecting aircraft parts and equipment

Consultancy activity at application of aircraft construction and operation regulations (FAR, JAR, EASA, national aircraft regulations of the Czech Republic)